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Single-rider GOLF SCOOTERs

The Best Single-rider Solutions in Golf !!


Set your course apart by offering a single-rider option with the Fat Tire Golf Scooters.  These extremely fun and easy to ride scooters will not only attract golfers to your course, but will bring them back more often.


A small additional fee added to the round brings in additional revenue to the course, and can easily more than cover the cost of the scooter.  Our leasing option allows the course to begin seeing additional profit the very first month!


With each golfer going directly to their ball, playing time is greatly reduced allowing for more rounds in a day.


The light weight of the Fat Tire Golf Scooters generate much less wear and tear than a traditional golf cart.  Our exclusive "EZ-step" kickstand has large, flat plates to prevent it from sinking into the grass.  This also avoids turf damage and keeps the scooter extremely stable when parked.

2-Wheel and 3-Wheel Versions Available-

The 2-Wheel Cruiser and Rebel appeal to younger golfers, as well as older motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts, while the 3-Wheel Rebel Trike is one of the easiest to ride for all ages.

Bubba Watson on his new 

Fat Tire Golf Scooter !!

NEW Cruiser 3.0-

Our Newest model has 3000 watts of power to give us the most hill-climbing torque of any golf scooter, along with the best fit and finish of any golf scooter on the market.  Chrome rims, LED lighting, and digital display.  Matte black paint with your choice of fender colors to fit your course.

The "Cruiser 3.0"

Rebel 3-Wheel Golf Scooter

You asked - We answered !!

Many courses liked the single-rider concept of the Fat Tire Golf Scooter but wanted more stability without the need to balance.  Our new Rebel Trike is the perfect solution!  Dual 20ah batteries for over 36 holes on a charge.

The "Rebel XR Trike"

Rebel 2-wheel Golf Scooter

When Arcis Golf wanted a high quality golf scooter with an edgier style for some of their courses, we developed the "Rebel" for them.  The response was so positive, we've made it another standard product offering.

The "Rebel XR"

As the owner of a motorsports shop, and an avid golfer, I was thinking about how fun it would be to play a round on 2 wheels instead of drivng a cart.  After a few months , and some "trial and error", I finalized the design and introduced the FIRST Fat Tire "Cruiser" Golf Scooter.  The responses at the courses have been phenomenal.  Great quality, easy to ride, exceptional value, and incredibly fun, and now even more models available !!

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